Life lately + a scare

Life has felt weird lately. We have our good and bad days and we alternate between just trying to maintain our normal routines and filling our day with activities that let us escape reality for even just a little while.

Ever since we felt ready to see people, we’ve had a few really lovely dinners and lunches with friends. We leave each one of those get togethers feeling so lucky that we have such great people in our lives.

This past weekend, the morning after a great dinner with some friends at the Rabbit Hole, J ran a 5K in beautiful spring weather and came in second place overall!


Getting his medal

After the race, Andrea and I walked around Lake Nokomis and then got some lunch at Sandcastle, all while enjoying the sunshine.


Mmm, fry bread.

Then, J and I spent the rest of the day with family at his uncle’s 50th birthday party. It was a great day full of love.

Then on Monday, crappy weather returned in the form of pouring rain. That afternoon, after a really nice lunch with a great friend, I could feel my anxiety building — it had now officially been about 24 hours since I had felt baby N make even the slightest movement. So I called our care coordinator and asked if she thought we should come in. We had our next appointment the following morning at 10 a.m., but since I hadn’t slept the night before (because of my anxiety over the decrease in movement) she called our doctor and we decided that at the very least we should come in to have some peace of mind.

As soon as J got home from work, we drove to the hospital and got all checked in. I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of envy when I saw the excited-looking families in the waiting room who were probably going to find out at any moment that they have a new addition to their families. The nurse took us back to a triage area, got my weight, had me pee in a cup (of course) and then hooked me up to the fetal monitoring machine. J and I let out a sigh of relief when she was able to find the heartbeat right away. She then explained that it’s routine to continue to monitor me for 45 minutes to an hour unless I feel at least three distinct instances of movement before that time, so she turned on our TV and J and I settled in with some snacks. About a half an hour later, she came back looking really sad. She explained that she had the chance to look at our chart and after realizing our situation, she had tracked down the on call doctor who happened to be one of the specialists we had seen at our last appointment. Being the sweet woman she was, she asked the doctor to come in and see us if we wanted to see him. The doc came in and said that considering the circumstances, he was pleased with how the heartbeat sounded but that the ultrasound we were having the next morning would really be key to seeing how things were progressing. We were discharged shortly after that and I was able to sleep that night, thankful that our baby was still holding on.


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