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Weekend recap + how I feel about the third trimester (so far)

This is a little late, but I hope you all had a good weekend. On Saturday, we officially made it to 28 weeks! But uh, to celebrate, we spent 2.5 hours in the hospital. I was having a lot of contractions again and wasn’t feeling Charlie move as much as he had been the past couple of days, so we figured it was best to go in. After some tests and monitoring, we were relieved to hear that everything looked fine and that we didn’t need to be admitted again.

The weekend had its upsides too though, we went to a BBQ with some friends Saturday night and Saturday morning, before I decided to call the doctor, I made a quick trip to the farmer’s market with Andrea.Then, besides going out to dinner with some friends, I mostly took it easy and rested/napped all day Sunday.

J, with his very serious sandwich.

J, with his very serious sandwich.

How I feel about the third trimester so far

I think that the third trimester is really catching up with me already. Or maybe it’s because really, I had it pretty easy during the first trimester with no morning sickness to speak of. But really, the biggest challenge these days is to maintain a balance between noticing when things don’t seem right with either my health or Charlie’s and not freaking out over every little thing. It’s hard because just like with other things during pregnancy, some of the warning signs I’ve been told to look out for can either be really serious or just a typical pregnancy thing. Basically, this has turned me into a giant ball of anxiety and stress, which can’t be good for me or Charlie, either.

Oh, and due in part to Charlie’s condition, I’m carrying around a decent amount of extra amniotic fluid these days. Which as my doctor put it “makes you look and feel like you’re at term already or carrying twins.” So trying to get sleep at night, find a comfortable position to sit in for more than a few minutes at a time and to fit behind the steering wheel in my car are all fun things lately.

Weekly appointment

We had another good appointment yesterday. No big changes to Charlie which is good news. I also had my gestational diabetes test that I’ve basically been nervous about since I got pregnant. (Seriously.) From all of my blog stalking, I was expecting fruit punch or orange-flavored juice, but it was Sprite-flavored and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! They said that I wouldn’t hear from them yesterday unless something was abnormal, so hopefully that means I passed! We go back tomorrow for another fetal echocardiogram where we will get some more information from the pediatric cardiologist about — this will help our care team determine what possible interventions to consider as we move forward.

Random things

Even though I won’t be able to wear it for awhile, I got word that my Oiselle swim order shipped! Hoping it shows up any day now 🙂

We celebrated my kitty’s birthday last week. She turned seven! It feels like we just brought her home — she was an anniversary gift from the hubs (then-boyfriend)!


How was your weekend? Congrats to everyone who ran one of Grandma’s races! 🙂

How do you deal with anxiety? Favorite ways to relax?

Tell me how your running is going so I can live vicariously through you!


Second trimester recap: weeks 22-26

Well here we are, officially in the third trimester and almost six weeks since the date we found out that our unborn son had a rare tumor growing inside of him that would likely end his life before he was ever born. Since then, we’ve had a lot of time to mentally process the situation. We’ve also had countless tests, ultrasounds, appointments, a hospital stay and we’ve accumulated like, a hundred members of our care team (and they are all amazing). And even though it didn’t feel like it would, life has somewhat returned to “normal” — well, with a little less cooking and a little more takeout involved.

At the urging of my new (amazing) therapist, and because it feels good to me, too, I’m starting to come back around to celebrating the usual pregnancy milestones as I would probably be doing had we not received this diagnosis. I’m thinking about taking my first bump pic in forever (although I don’t think my stomach can be called a bump anymore) when I turn 28 weeks this weekend and I resumed journaling in my Belly Book. We’ve really been carrying on as usual — I still take my prenatal vitamin everyday, don’t eat deli meat, and so on.

Perhaps even more so than early on in the pregnancy, we’re really taking things day by day and week by week. Outcomes for any intervention are still pretty poor right now if Charlie’s condition began to deteriorate, but a few weeks can make a big difference since babies grow so much during this time. So we go in each week hoping that Charlie stays “sick stable” and we can check off another week.

Here are some other random pregnancy milestones:

Reading and playing music – we’ve started reading books and playing music for Charlie. It’s a really fun thing for J and me to do together and it’s totally helping us bond with him.

My mom got me a Snoogle! – I held out for as long as possible, using a body pillow and a million other regular pillows, but my sleep quality has been so poor lately that I got desperate. And the Snoogle (for me, anyways) has been as amazing as others have made it sound.


I took my big belly to a 5K! – J was racing a 5K and Charlie and I cheered him all the way to a second place overall finish! So proud. And speaking of my belly, it’s starting to get in the way a lot. When I drop things (which happens often) I’ve started just leaving them on the floor because picking them up isn’t fun. I’m sure J loves following me around just to pick up the things I’ve dropped.


My belly button – I’ll spare you a photo on this one, but let me tell you, my belly button looks weird It’s no longer an innie, but it’s not an outtie yet, either. Expecting it to pop any day now!

Workouts – Workouts have been pretty nonexistent lately. Especially with the heat and my recent early labor scare, I’ve been advised to take it really, really easy. I’m not on bed rest (yet), but trying to be smart since the goal is to keep this baby where he is for as long as possible! Not working out has been really hard, mentally too, but reminding myself of the reason helps a lot. And if it ever stops raining and we get some cool evenings, I’m looking forward to some very slow walks around the block.

Thanks again for all of the comments and emails. We never know what each day will bring and some are way harder than others — your support means more than you’ll ever know!