Another Night at the Nosh

This past Friday, Andrea and I headed to Open Arms of Minnesota for the Heavy Table‘s North Coast Nosh. Upon arrival, we found out that it was going to be the last North Coast Nosh event ever! Major sadness.

At the last NCN event I attended, they didn’t get their shipment of tasting mugs in time, and I was SO bummed but this time, we were handed a cute glass when we arrived.

We made sure to sample the Sweet Corn Blueberry and Salted Caramel ice cream from Sweet Science Ice cream and my favorite blue cheese from Fairbault Dairy — two of my favorite purveyors that were at the last NCN event I attended.


Some of my favorite nibbles from the evening included:

The Triple Crown Organic BBQ sauce – OMG delicious and the perfect balance of smoky and a tiny bit sweet.

The Dominican Republic chocolate from Meadowlands Chocolate. Love their bean-to-bar method — check out their Kickstarter, here!

Watermelon mint St. Pops!

Lob chicken lettuce wraps from Lao Thai. (I grabbed a takeout menu — maybe this will be a new favorite Thai restaurant for us!)


The best brews (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) in my opinion:

The ginger ale from Tree Fort Soda. I’m a self-proclaimed ginger ale connoisseur and this stuff knocked my socks off.

The Flip Switch IPA from Tin Whiskers was a really nice, approachable IPA.

Verdant Tea’s iced chai latte (with almond milk). I enjoyed the hot version of this at a local coffee shop the other day and was really impressed. Found out that our co-op is going to start carrying the concentrated chai soon!


The event was held at Open Arms of Minnesota. I had never seen their kitchen before, so it was neat to check it out. We also got to taste some fantastic ceviche they made in their kitchen. If you’ve never heard of Open Arms before, you should take a look at what they’re all about — it’s a great organization. And check out this cool Cook-a-Thon event they have coming up!

What did I try that looks good to you?

Ginger ale = yes or no?


3 thoughts on “Another Night at the Nosh

    1. hyedi Post author

      Agreed 😦 Although I read something about a North Coast Nosh 2.0 — so maybe it’ll come back in a different format?


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