Workouts + Whole30 Prep

Just a couple of quick workout recaps since my last one:

Wednesday: 2.29 miles (12:14 min/mi pace)

Felt great! Started a new week of Couch to 5K workouts. Today’s looked like this:

Brisk warm up walk for five minutes

Run one minute, 30 seconds

Walk one minute, 30 seconds

Run three minutes

Walk three minutes


Five minute cool down

Thursday: REST DAY

Friday: 2.18 miles (12:51 min/mi pace)

As they say in Minnesota, “oofta!” My legs were heavy, I felt sluggish and it definitely showed in my pace.

This past weekend, I started prepping to embark on my third Whole30 journey. I’ll be honest right up front that I’m treating this as a Whole30 but I won’t be reading every label, etc like I did with my past Whole30s, so maybe I shouldn’t really call it a Whole30, but it’s just easier to. My first two Whole30s were about determining my food sensitivities and slaying my “sugar demon(s).” This time around it’s really more about eating healthier overall and getting back into a routine of cooking meals again. Ever since we got Charlie’s diagnosis, just over three months ago, I’ve probably cooked five times. We need to stop going out to eat so often.

So on Saturday I went to the grocery store and spent a couple of hours on Pinterest and flipping through Well Fed and Well Fed 2, flagging recipes. On Sunday, I went to Mandy’s house to drink wine and do some cooking, because food prepping is more fun with a friend and wine. #truth

We made some good progress! Here’s what our food prep looked like:

-Roasted sweet potatoes

-Made a batch of Whole30 tuna salad for work lunches (Canned tuna packed in olive oil, onion, parsley, cayenne, chives, homemade olive oil mayo, salt and pepper. Eaten with cucumber slices.)

-Roasted spaghetti squash (will be serving this for dinner this week with the shrimp scampi recipe from Well Fed 2)

-Hard boiled eggs (for snacks)

-Made breakfast hash (sweet potatoes, ground turkey and chicken, apple, onion and spinach — in the mornings all I have to do is fry up an egg in some coconut oil and throw it on top!)


-Made a batch of olive oil mayo (extra light olive oil, one egg, ground mustard, lemon juice and salt)

-Slow cooked a pork roast for Monday’s dinner (rub consisted of chili powder, cumin, coriander, salt, onion powder, parsley and cayenne)

Then on Sunday evening, the hubs and I took advantage of the perfect weather to have a lovely dinner on the W.A. Frost patio. The cheese plate was to die for. And in typical day-before-Whole30 fashion, I went ahead and had bread, dairy, alcohol (sangria) and dessert.


How was your weekend?

What would be the hardest thing to “give up” if you did a Whole30?

Congratulations to Erin who had an amazing race at Ironman Wisconsin this past weekend!


7 thoughts on “Workouts + Whole30 Prep

  1. Alita

    Yay for the Whole30!! I’m on my 3rd (or may 4th?) round and actually I’m past day 30 already but was seeing some good changes taking place and felt SO much better that I was compelled to keep going and see how much better it could get! The hardest thing for me this time is not having a glass of wine or a cocktail on the weekend – But my answer changes each time I do one – weirdly….

  2. Danielle @ Eat Primal, Run Hard

    Since going primal, fries and popcorn are tough ones to give up. I do really like them, and will have a cheeky fry here or there but that’s about it. I would suggest, to help with long term success, and so that you don’t find yourself doing a 4th Whole30, is doing some reading about the science and philosophy behind essentially a paleo way of eating (minus honey and maple syrup for the first 30 days). Once you’re armed with more information about what paleo does for your body, mind and overall wellbeing, as well as how certain foods, like alcohol, can seriously impact your metabolism in negative ways, you’ll not really want to go back. Plus, ideally you should feel so much better overall that you shouldn’t want to go back to feeling meh all the time. That’s how I felt.

    I truly think that knowledge is power, and one reason why people love their sugar and carbs is due to lack of food education. I used to think I knew everything about healthy eating, but I actually knew almost nothing.

    1. hyedi Post author

      Good thoughts, Danielle! I definitely think this kind of lifestyle is in my future. Making these kinds of long term changes and educating myself (more) about it is something I don’t feel like I can take on right now.

  3. erin

    You’re inspiring me to get cooking again and to try some new recipes! We eat the same five things on rotation always. Totally need that breakfast hash in the fridge!

    Thanks so much for the shout out, too, friend! xo.


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