FAB Fitness: Don’t Call it a Comeback

Now that I’ve committed to be one of four runners on a relay team for the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon at the end of January, I know I need to get my butt into gear in terms of training. I’m trying to consistently run ten miles each week and then gradually increase from there — adding in mileage and speedwork. I don’t want to overdo it, but I also have quite a bit of work to do.

Monday: OFF

Ran on Sunday, so took Monday off to rest.

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Impromptu run with Mandy. It was a nice evening and legs felt great.

Wednesday: 2 mile run

I was nervous running twice in 24 hours since it had been awhile since I’d done that. I also had a presentation at work that I needed to prep for, so I decided to only run two miles. Pushed the pace slightly (~9:30) and felt like I could’ve gone faster.

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 3 mile run

…at 5:45 a.m. and it was 29 degrees outside. ‘nough said.


Halloween was actually kind of rough for me, personally. It was really hard not to get sad with all of the photos of kids dressed up in cute costumes. Anyways, I found myself getting anxious about going out and almost decided not to, but I’m SO glad I did. Had a great night out dancing with the girls! (And one of the girl’s husbands.)



When I got home, it was around 2:30 a.m. and I had more than 8,000 steps on my fitbit. I call that a success!


Spent the day working on kitchen renovation-related things. It might not look like it, but we made a lot of progress in the last nine days!



Sunday was a 50 degree day in Minneapolis in November. Almost unheard of. I headed out for a run with Andrea. Legs were slightly tired, but felt great and we were maintaining a nice, sub-10:00 min/mi pace. But about 3 miles in, my ankle gave out and down I went. Yes, if you were thinking that this sounds familiar, you’d be correct. I went my entire life without falling during a run and now I’ve done it twice in the past six months.

I picked myself up and Andrea sat with me for awhile while I let the pain subside a bit and then we walked back to her apartment. Once I got home, I showered (ouch) and then left to meet Mandy for a pedicure. If you can’t imagine how a pedicure would ever be anything less than relaxing, try one with a black and blue toe, road rash on your calf and a swollen ankle.

Today (I’m writing this on Monday) I woke up with my toe and knee feeling slightly better but my ankle about 10x worse. But I gotta heal up quickly! I was finally getting back into the running groove, not to mention that Britney/Vegas is this weekend and this Ace bandage won’t go well with any of the dresses I’m planning to wear.

Did you dress up for Halloween?

What’s your favorite non-exercise way to get in steps? Mine is dancing (duh).

Have you ever fallen while running?


3 thoughts on “FAB Fitness: Don’t Call it a Comeback

    1. hyedi Post author

      Thanks! I have to agree with you — I get especially annoyed when people wear giant costumes and are dancing and hit you with them!

  1. erin

    Hope your ankle is getting better! Falling while running is the WORST. So exciting about the kitchen reno! Hope you’re having a blast in Vegas 🙂


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