Maternity Wardrobe + My First Stitch Fix

To be honest, I’ve been struggling a lot with what to wear lately. I’ve been trying really hard not to spend a fortune on new maternity clothes, but I found myself showing a lot earlier this time around and while the timing of this pregnancy roughly lines up with my last one, it’s not exact, so I’m going to need more spring/summer clothes this time around.

Work wear and special occasions

My work dress code is pretty casual, unless we have clients in the office or meetings. So winter wasn’t too terrible — I could wear jeans and sweaters. But now I’m working on how to make some of my summery outfits slightly more professional so I can wear ’em to the office.

I also have a few events coming up, including a business professional event for work and a few weddings. Oh, and my baby shower! I’m hoping to buy two dresses (one to wear to all of the weddings and another for my shower) and scrape something together that I already have for my work event.

Everyday wear

The items I wear the most are a basic black dress that I feel like I can make less boring by adding a fun scarf or a statement necklace, maternity jeans, and now that it’s starting to get warmer out — maxi skirts.


Also, I’m WAY behind on this, but I had been holding out on trying Stitch Fix. But when they announced they are now doing maternity fixes, I caved. To be honest, I was less than pleased with my overall Stitch Fix experience and I kind of doubt I’ll do another one, but we’ll see. I ended up keeping one piece of the five sent.


The jeans were way too long and the white top wasn’t maternity so the tank that went underneath just was a bit too tight and uncomfortable.


I didn’t like the way the dress fit. That wasn’t a Stitch Fix issue — overall, I liked the dress. I loved the necklace. It was definitely my style, I just didn’t really need it. I kept the black top. It’s nothing fancy, but I can wear it to work or out with nice jeans and heels and it’s super comfortable. It was $58, so $38 after subtracting my styling fee.

Workout wear

During my last pregnancy, I purchased a couple of Oiselle items that I sized up in, but many of my regular size items are working OK, as long as they aren’t too form fitting. Some of my favorites include: any of the Oiselle flyte line (still wearing regular size), distance shorts (sized up in these), the verrazano bra (sized up) and the gwen tank (sized up). The flyer jacket in my normal size still fits well also. Oh, and I’ve been wearing my Katron jacket a ton lately, but it’s getting tighter by the day 🙂

I also invested in a few new pairs of shoes. I lived in my birkenstocks last summer, which was great, but I wanted more variety this time around and also wanted to replace a pair of dressy flats that were falling apart. So I purchased a new pair of flats, another pair of birks and I currently have my eye on these. Then I’m cutting myself off!

*Not sponsored in any way by StitchFix. Just sharing my opinions!

4 thoughts on “Maternity Wardrobe + My First Stitch Fix

  1. katielookingforward

    I’m far too picky for stitch fix to work for me right now. but i can see where trying their maternity stuff might work. I’m currently job searching, so if you hear of any accounting/payroll/hr jobs, feel free to send them my way, I’d love to move to the cities!

  2. Kori

    If you end up needing more workout clothes, I actually had good luck with Old Navy’s active line when everything stopped fitting and I didn’t want to spend much money!


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