Race Recap: 2015 Goldy’s Run 5K

Last weekend, I walked the Goldy’s Run 5K. What a gorgeous day for a race! I met up with Andrea and Ashley beforehand. Ashley walked with me and Andrea ran the 10 mile distance.


The 5K route was new to me because I had only done the 10 mile previously, but I ended up loving the 5K! The course cuts right through the University of Minnesota (my alma mater!) campus and there are only a couple of small inclines — I wouldn’t even call them hills. Ashley and I kept up a pretty brisk walking pace and finished in 51 minutes. After Ashley finished, we got a post-race photo!


J also ran the 10 mile and had an incredible race! He placed second in his age group and 18th overall. He finished in 1:04:40.


After the race, we hung out on the field for awhile. That’s definitely one of the coolest perks of this race.


I also just realized that this was my fifth “race” I’ve done during this pregnancy:

  • Turkey Trot 5K – I didn’t know I was pregnant at the time. I was also four months postpartum – finished in 50:04 (15:48 pace)
  • St. Paul Turkey Trot 5K – 5 weeks pregnant – finished in 34:40 (11:11 pace)
  • Reindeer Run 5K – 6 weeks pregnant – finished in 29:15 (9:24 pace)
  • Point Bock 5 Mile – 18 weeks pregnant (I walked and ran this, mostly walked) finished in 1:14:53 (14:59 pace)
  • Goldy’s Run 5K – 23 weeks pregnant (walked only) finished in 51 minutes (16:08 pace)

I’ve been walking somewhere around eight miles per week on average. I wish it was closer to 10 miles, but I’m happy with my level of activity. My doctor gave me a medical-grade brace for my round ligament pain and it’s made all the difference in my ability to stay active! The discomfort is still there, just minimized. I’m signed up for two more 5Ks and then that might be it for me for awhile!

I haven’t felt up to going to group yoga classes, but have been doing some stretching on my own. But what I really need to do is up my stretching and strength training game — I’m feeling so weak these days. 24 weeks down and 16 to go!


6 thoughts on “Race Recap: 2015 Goldy’s Run 5K

  1. Michelle

    Way to go, Hyedi! Due to a nasty head cold, I wound up walking the 5K course last weekend too. My friend and I finished in 51:30 so we weren’t too far behind you!


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