Second Trimester Recap

Weeks 14 – 16
I kicked off the second trimester with a weekend trip to Atlanta with Andrea to visit friends Kate, Brian and her new baby! It was a great trip, but I was still dealing with some of the fatigue from the first trimester, so we didn’t exactly hit the town in the evenings.

Starting to show. Also, biscuits made this pregnant lady very happy!

 A few days after we got back from Atlanta, I came down with the worst head cold I’d had in years. And since I couldn’t take anything for it, I spent the next full week absolutely miserable (and telling anyone who’d listen about it). I also switched doctors (again) and had a great 16 week appointment with my new, new doctor. J and I toured one hospital we were considering delivering at and I set up some appointments to interview doulas.
Sometime during week 16, I noticed that maybe I was feeling some movement. This was definitely earlier than with Charlie, but that’s common for many reasons, one being that second time moms are now familiar with what movement feels like. Since we had the early genetic testing done, the only lab I had to have done  at my 16 week appointment was an Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) draw.
We also announced the gender to some close friends and family by sending them some ol’ fashioned snail mail. They either got a scratch off card or a confetti-bomb that announced Baby Nelson is a boy! It felt good to take small steps like this one to start celebrating this pregnancy, rather than fearing it.
Weeks 17 – 19
After my cold went away, I started to realize just how amazing the second trimester can be. My energy was back and I started walking daily, which did wonders for my mood as well. I also had to set up some additional doula interviews because I the doula I chose found out she was pregnant right after we sat down for an interview.
I started feeling like it was time to start actually getting some things done in preparation for this baby, so I signed up for some childbirth education classes, including Hypnobabies. We also got the AFP results back during week 17 and everything looked good.
I also really popped at the beginning of week 17!
At the end of week 19, I chose another doula (who, thankfully, wasn’t also pregnant). Super excited to be working with her! Also at the end of week 19, was our level two ultrasound with the perinatologists. This was the time period when we found out that Charlie had a likely fatal condition, so you can imagine the anticipation for this scan this time around. I wrote more about this day here.
Following our good news, I made an announcement (of sorts) here on the blog.
Symptoms that showed up during weeks 17-19:
  • Round ligament pain. I experienced round ligament pain when I was pregnant with Charlie, and it led to me deciding to stop running around 20 weeks. This time around, it showed up a bit earlier, but so far I’ve been able to work through it since I’m only walking and not running this time around. Case in point: I walked the Point Bock Run 5 miler and was able to keep a pretty good pace throughout!
  • The fatigue noticeably decreased
Weeks 20 – 22
It didn’t happen right away, but the anxiety that hung over me constantly for the first four months of my pregnancy, started to gradually lift after we got the all clear at the anatomy scan. J got to meet my new doctor at our 20 week appointment and the doctor did something cool — he handed J the doppler and let him find the heartbeat! Just reason #2,352,855 that I’m so happy to have found this new doctor.
Following a couple of good appointments, we decided to make our first baby purchases — an ottoman and some art for the nursery. And a crib. Setting up the crib together was as exciting as I always thought it would be, but it was also bittersweet.
My parents came for a weekend visit during week 22 and they brought a glider for us to use and the dresser/changing table from when I was a baby. It’ll be fun to have that in the nursery!
Lastly, we realized that we should probably get serious finding a daycare, considering most daycares in the Cities have waiting lists, so we went on a few tours and turned in applications. Hopefully we can get a spot secured and cross that off the list!
Symptoms that showed up during weeks 20-22:
  • No new symptoms, but definitely getting bigger and feeling it!

Weeks 23 – 26

At the end of week 23, I walked Goldy’s 5K. I also started noticing more frequent (though not yet consistent) movement and kicks throughout the day.
I made an appointment with a prenatal personal trainer during week 24 — a separate post on that coming soon. We also finished our registry which felt huge to me. With the help of my good friend Jen, I had registered for some things at Babies ‘R’ Us shortly before we got Charlie’s diagnosis. I had an unpleasant conversation with a Babies ‘R’ Us employee who called to check in to see if I needed help finishing my registry and worked for months to get off of their mailing and email lists. So, I was pretty proud of us for getting our registry taken care of!
We also went away for one night for a mini-babymoon. As I was laying in bed, ready to fall asleep, I saw my first kick from the outside. That was probably one of the coolest moments of the second trimester, not to mention, this is when J also felt his first “for sure” kick.
The following week, we celebrated Jesse’s birthday at the perfect place for a pregnant lady — a sushi restaurant!
(Sarcasm. I obviously didn’t get to indulge in the good stuff.)
That night, for the first time, I experienced kicks waking me up out of a sound sleep and keeping me from falling back asleep. It might have been the only time in my life where I wasn’t seriously pissed about being woken up. That’s true love right there, because I love my sleep.
A big milestone we got past during week 25 was my gestational diabetes test. I passed and my iron levels also looked good.
I had my first official session with my new personal trainer. It was awesome and I felt great moving my body in a ways besides just walking. Lifting weights made me feel strong again. And I surprised myself with how much strength I actually hadn’t lost.
We also toured another hospital and started looking at the pros and cons of the two hospitals we’re deciding between. I can’t believe it’s almost time to need to make that decision and get pre-registered!
At the end of week 26, I ended up in the hospital because I thought I might be leaking amniotic fluid. (More on that, here.) Luckily, they were able to rule that out and I had a non-stress test done while I was there. Baby looked great — really active.
Symptoms that showed up during weeks 23-26
  • The worst cramp in my calf I’ve ever experienced. Have you ever had a Charlie horse? It was like that, but one million times worse because it just kept cramping over and over and I could feel the knots pulsing. It was awful. Two days later, I was still sore.
  • Seasonal allergies, way worse than usual
Well, that was….long. Planning to do a few regular third trimester updates, rather than one big, long one like I did for the first and second trimesters.

4 thoughts on “Second Trimester Recap

  1. Alexa

    I have so much excitement for you Hyedi! You are the best mom already, and this baby boy is so lucky to have you guys. Love reading all these updates.

  2. Amy

    I am so happy to see your pregnancy going so well, and I absolutely love your crib! Can’t wait to see the third trimester unfold!

    1. hyedi Post author

      Thanks, Amy! We love the crib as well, and we’re thinking that extra storage underneath will really come in handy 🙂


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