Maven Clinic: a postpartum life saver


Disclosure: I received one free 20-minute visit with a healthcare provider with Maven. All opinions are my own.

Two things I’ve found to be true about being a new parent (at least for me): 1) it can be hard to get out of the house and 2) you worry/have questions about everything. A recent discovery has helped ease my anxiety — and I didn’t even have to leave the house!

I’m exclusively breastfeeding Calvin and for something that’s supposed to be so natural, man…breastfeeding is hard. Every time I feel like we have the hang out of it, something happens that throws everything off. In the early days, when I was worried about Calvin getting enough to eat (which obvi wasn’t an issue since he’s now 16 (!!) pounds) and things were still pretty painful, I decided I needed to see a lactation consultant (LC). A few things kept me from actually scheduling an appointment: I wasn’t happy with the hospital’s LC, leaving the house for an appointment was stressing me out and having a home visit was expensive. Enter Maven.

MavenCrunchBase (2)

I originally heard about Maven when a friend sent me a promo code for a free visit. I loved the concept and I found the app to be really easy to navigate and enjoyed watching the providers’ video bios. I immediately scheduled an appointment with a LC for that evening — for 8 p.m. a time that would be convenient for us (after dinner, etc).

Maven (1)

At 8 p.m. I got comfy in my bed and opened up the app. My video consultation started shortly with Yosefa, an MD and IBCLC. We went through all of my questions and I finished the appointment feeling much less worried and much more confident.

Since that first video appointment, I’ve had three more appointments with the same LC and I feel like she knows us pretty well now even without ever having been in the same room together at the same time. She helped me through a couple of cases of bad plugged ducts, figure out why Calvin went through a short period where he wasn’t eating well and helped me get comfortable with pumping before returning to work.

I haven’t booked any appointments with any other providers, but there are nutritionists, physical therapists, pediatricians, mental health providers, doulas, etc. Obviously, some health issues require an in-person visit and there are certain things I’d want to see my regular doctor for, but for many things, Maven is a great option!

If you’d like to give it a try for free, use my code O3DHN.


One thought on “Maven Clinic: a postpartum life saver

  1. katielookingforward

    Interesting!!! Now that I’ve moved to the cities I haven’t figured out if I”m going to find a new doctor, or just use “sick” days to travel home for appointments, but if I get in a jam, this could be a great option!


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