[GIVEAWAY] Getting back into running, post-baby, with the help of Orthology

Disclosure: I received one complimentary tune-up from the folks at Orthology. All opinions are my own.

About eight weeks postpartum, I headed out for my first trial run. I had the same plan as I did during my last postpartum period — start slow, using the Couch to 5K approach. I completed the first workout, but it didn’t feel right. I knew it wouldn’t feel good, heck, I hadn’t run in more than nine months, but something just felt off.

After a couple more attempts at running, I realized that it was my gait that felt off. I was babying my left ankle, the one that I’ve sprained numerous times and that caused my big spill about a year or so ago.

I went to Twitter to see if anyone had recommendations. Twitter did not disappoint. I got tons of recommendations, but was especially intrigued by Orthology. Sara recommended them and their approach seemed really innovative, so I decided to schedule an appointment. Coincidentally, the folks at Orthology reached out around the same time and offered a complimentary tune-up, so I decided to take advantage of that!


I arrived at my tune-up and was greeted warmly by name. The check in process was smooth — everyone was friendly and I completed my “paperwork” via iPad. Just a couple of minutes later, Drs. Bieta Kia, DPT and Derek Doty, DC, CCSP came to greet me.


The Orthology Approach to Healing

Orthology uses a team approach to providing care. So both Bieta and Derek went through a ton of questions about my injury history, my physical activity habits, etc. etc. They were extremely thorough, looking at my injury from all angles, and were really understanding about wanting to get healed and back to pain-free running quickly!

For the next hour, they both worked on my ankle, foot, calf muscle and pelvis/hip area. I won’t lie and say it all felt great, but I knew it all served a purpose. They explained everything they were doing and why they were doing it and I kept finding myself saying “that makes total sense!” Orthology’s approach to healing seems so simple when you think about it, you don’t understand why it’s never been done this way before. But it hasn’t. It’s truly unique and cutting edge.

Orthology is all about breaking the “cycle of injury” and getting you back out there and pain free as quickly as possible. Since my first appointment, I’ve been back for one follow up appointment and have another one this afternoon. After each appointment, I left feeling pretty quite awesome already. I’ll be sure to report back with my progress — I got into the Garry Bjorkland half marathon, so I want to get back to 100 percent soon because it’s time to start base building!

Now for the giveaway. Want to give Orthology a try? Leave a comment to be entered to win one of two free 30 minute tune up consultations! The comment can be about anything: tell me about a past or current nagging injury, if you’ve ever done physical therapy, etc. Good luck — I’ll choose a winner end of the day Tuesday 11/10!


8 thoughts on “[GIVEAWAY] Getting back into running, post-baby, with the help of Orthology

  1. Nikki S

    Good luck! I’m running that half too, and look forward to hearing more about your training in the upcoming months. My fingers are crossed for a mild winter so I can minimize the number of treadmill training runs.

  2. Andrea

    Sounds like a great experience – I hope it works well! I had some Achilles tendinitis issues while marathon training and hope that’s behind me as I start half marathon training.

  3. Katie M

    Yay for signing up for races! Good luck with your training!

    I’d love to try Orthology. While I don’t have any pain while running, I occasionally experience right hamstring and calf discomfort following a run that I’d like to understand.

  4. Michelle

    Sounds like you had a great experience.

    I’d love to try Orthology! I’ve battled Achilles and knee issues and would love to get them resolved. My plans for 2016 include completing my first half marathon.

  5. Jim Lawler

    I am 64 and always have been a jogger. Had scope knee surgery last April and delayed rehab until this September. Just finish 6 weeks of rehab on knee. Problem I have is my hip joint in ball and socket area remains stiff and have trouble getting back to my normal walking range of motion and jogging again is still not ready. Help.

  6. Amanda

    I used to run before I became pregnant. I’ve always had issues with my knees and hips, now even after giving birth I can’t even walk without being in pain.I’d love to be able to be pain free, even if it might be for an hour.


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