Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon Training: Week Seven

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5 miles

Andrea had a 3 and a 5 on her training plan for the week and Kate and I had 4.5, so we went with 5

Wednesday: Rest

As I was getting ready for work on Wednesday morning, I saw a tweet from the Book of Mormon Twitter account that said they were giving away tickets to that night’s show — just had to RT to enter. I didn’t think anything of it — retweeted it and got on with my day! I was quite surprised later that afternoon when I got a DM from Book of Mormon that I had won two tickets to the show! So after work, I got ready quickly and headed downtown to laugh my a** off (that was sitting in pretty sweet seats) for a couple of hours. Even the third time around, this show doesn’t disappoint.


Thursday: TC 1 Mile (7:21)

I spent all day Thursday basically walking around like a zombie. Due to getting home late from Book of Mormon and Calvin having a rough night — I barely got any sleep the night before. I picked up Calvin from daycare and grabbed Noodles and Company for dinner (Jesse randomly won free Noodles and Co for a year at a fundraising event we went to) and then rushed back home to eat, get Calvin in bed and get ready for the race.

Jesse and I left the house around 6:40 and headed downtown. We were pleasantly surprised to find easy parking close to the start/finish. The course route was new this year, due to construction where the race usually is held. We met up with the Oiselle ladies at their cheer station and then headed to the start so I could use the bathroom and get warmed up.

Before I knew it, we were off! My nervousness never went away and my legs felt shaky the entire time. Just like when I ran this race three years ago, I realized I had NO strategy whatsoever and that when I reached the ‘200 m to go’ sign, I should have kicked it in because 200 meters is really short! Before I knew it, I was crossing the finish line and I definitely felt like I had stuff left in the tank.


Oh well — I’m still pretty happy with my time — I haven’t been doing much speed work this training cycle and most importantly — I had a BLAST running the race. Oh, and the women and men’s championship races were SO EXCITING! They’re amazing.

Friday: Rest

Iced the knee and got some good stretching in.

Saturday: 9 miles (9:30 pace)


One of my favorite things about running is exploring my city in a new way. So Andrea and I decided to check out the Mill City Running assisted long run they host on the second Saturday of every month. They had set 12, 16 and 20-mile route loops but you could do an out-and-back for any distance shorter than 12 miles.

We arrived at the store at 8 a.m. and stashed our stuff in a locker before heading out. It was only 35 degrees with a little wind, so it was back to dressing in tights, a long sleeve shirt AND a jacket. Not to mention gloves and a hat. Sigh.

Even though my knee has been bothering me, it felt fine on the run. I just noticed my hamstrings (probably from Thursday’s race) and a little twinge in my inner shin that eventually went away. Andrea and I kept a pace I was super happy with and got bagels and coffee after!

Sunday: Rest

I had every intention of getting out for a walk, but our major baby proofing undertaking ate up most of the day and a trip to the grocery store and J needing to get out for his ten-miler ate up the rest.

My knee is already feeling better, so hoping that two days off will do the trick and I’ll be good to go for next week!

What’s your favorite running route in the Twin Cities?


3 thoughts on “Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon Training: Week Seven

  1. erin

    Well done at the one-miler, friend! Still can’t believe we missed each other there. Great week! Hope training is going well this week… perfect running weather!


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