Finding a Balance

Learning to live a healthy, balanced life.

FAB journey

Ahhhh college. I was a full time student who also worked full time and partied full time. So being healthy ended up taking a back seat to more fun activities like going out a few times a week and staying up all night. And truthfully, it didn’t really occur to me to need to be healthy — after all, I grew up eating whatever I wanted without giving it much thought. In high school I played tennis year round, was active and no matter how much I ate, I never weighed much more than 97 pounds. (I know, I know — cry me a river.) So it comes as no surprise that my college habits translated into gaining some unwanted weight.

Although I technically started running in college (casually, with my roommates), it wasn’t until I graduated that I started running more often and reading health and fitness blogs. I got a gym membership, ran my first 5K in May 2008 and gave yoga a try. I decided to back to graduate school and pursue a master’s degree in health communication. While I found myself maybe even busier than I was as an undergrad, it was then that I started to understand how to make fitness and eating healthy a priority. In fact, this blog was inspired by my master’s project, which was a healthy living blog!

At 5’2″ (OK — so I round up) a few pounds can make a pretty big difference and as you’ll see below, my weight has really fluctuated over the years. I’ve never been overweight, but I was definitely nearing the high end of my healthy weight range in 2009-2011. I got married in October 2011 and at that time was working at a high stress job where taking care of myself just didn’t happen. I remember looking at the amazing photographs from the happiest day of my life and focusing on all of the things I was unhappy about with how I looked. So I completed my first Whole30, signed up for the Twin Cities Marathon, switched careers and made finding a balance a priority again. And from my annual exam in March of 2011 to March 2012, I lost 20 pounds. Then, in April of 2012, I started this blog to help keep me accountable.

September 2007

September 2007

Undergrad graduation May 2008

Undergrad graduation May 2008

Disney May 2009

Disney May 2009

Cheering on my husband at his first marathon October 2010

Cheering on my husband at his first marathon October 2010

Twins Spring Training March 2011

Twins Spring Training March 2011

November 2011

August 2011

Post-Whole30 (March 2012)


May 2012


Twin Cities Marathon (October 2012)

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  1. I LOVE this! So much!

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