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My fall half marathon plans + Team MwM

I’ve already mentioned that I’m doing the Whistlestop Half Marathon in some social media posts and last week’s workout recap, but I still wanted to write a post about how I chose the race. I spent a good few days SUPER bummed about not getting into the TC 10 Mile and the quit feeling sorry for myself (because, really, there are much more important things to be upset about) and started looking into other fall races. Around the same time, I saw a video that Faith’s Lodge posted on Facebook about a non-profit organization, Miles with Maeve, that works with athletes to raise money to support families who’ve experienced infant or pregnancy loss. I reached out to the organization and Garrett (Maeve’s dad) got back to me right away with more information about them and how we could work together. Almost immediately I agreed to join the team and shortly after, decided on the Whistlestop Half Marathon in Ashland, WI. I set a fundraising goal of $1,000, with some of the funds going to Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and some to Faith’s Lodge. Well, less than a week later, to my surprise, I surpassed my goal! That said, if you’d still like to donate, I’d be THRILLED to be able to donate even more to these amazing organizations.

Re:  The race — I was hoping to PR, but with my nagging hip issues, breaking two hours would be just fine and something I’d feel really good about. I just want to enjoy this race and am looking forward to a little getaway with Jesse!

After last weekend’s 5K, I came down with a wicked summer cold and it took all week to get over it. I didn’t run (or work out at all) until Saturday.In addition to running, I’m finally incorporating strength and stretching into my routine on a consistent basis. I’m still doing my Jasyoga every day and lifting and doing core work about 3x/week.

I was also sick on my birthday — BOO — but I still made the most of a nice date night with the husband:


I didn’t have much of an appetite, but I had a bite (or two) of the birthday gelato they sent out — with a cute, handwritten card! Thanks, Italian Eatery!

Also, because I’m obsessed with how these turned out, here are a few shots from Calvin’s one-year photo shoot. Megan Grommes of Megan Crown Photography is incredible!



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First run post-half + Title Nine bra review

Disclosure: I received one free sports bra — all opinions are my own.


Sure, I only went two miles, but I stand by what I said earlier about this bra being life changing! It was comfortable and with the right amount of compression. And the best part? I only had to wear one bra!


Unfortunately, while the bra was awesome, the run didn’t go the greatest. The pain in my hip that showed up during the half was still there, even after taking a week off from running. After discussing with Coach, we decided to proceed with caution and I made an emergency PT appointment as well. This week, I’ll be focusing on slow and short easy runs and lots of yoga and I’ll be paying close attention to how my hip is feeling. Hopefully I’ll be able to ease into “real” workouts next week.

Don’t forget to RSVP at 612.238.9992 or through Facebook for Title Nine Edina’s Fit Fest taking place this Wednesday and Thursday! (You could probably talk me into going with you because I want to pick up a couple back up bras now that I know how much I love this one.)

Also, there’s still time to enter my Title Nine bra giveaway! I was sick all day yesterday so I’m extending the giveaway by one more day. I’ll pick a winner tomorrow morning. Oh! And you don’t need to be local to enter. And if you’re not near a store, you can use the online bra genie or call 800.342.4448 to chat with a bravangelist. Good luck!


[GIVEAWAY] Getting back into running, post-baby, with the help of Orthology

Disclosure: I received one complimentary tune-up from the folks at Orthology. All opinions are my own.

About eight weeks postpartum, I headed out for my first trial run. I had the same plan as I did during my last postpartum period — start slow, using the Couch to 5K approach. I completed the first workout, but it didn’t feel right. I knew it wouldn’t feel good, heck, I hadn’t run in more than nine months, but something just felt off.

After a couple more attempts at running, I realized that it was my gait that felt off. I was babying my left ankle, the one that I’ve sprained numerous times and that caused my big spill about a year or so ago.

I went to Twitter to see if anyone had recommendations. Twitter did not disappoint. I got tons of recommendations, but was especially intrigued by Orthology. Sara recommended them and their approach seemed really innovative, so I decided to schedule an appointment. Coincidentally, the folks at Orthology reached out around the same time and offered a complimentary tune-up, so I decided to take advantage of that!


I arrived at my tune-up and was greeted warmly by name. The check in process was smooth — everyone was friendly and I completed my “paperwork” via iPad. Just a couple of minutes later, Drs. Bieta Kia, DPT and Derek Doty, DC, CCSP came to greet me.


The Orthology Approach to Healing

Orthology uses a team approach to providing care. So both Bieta and Derek went through a ton of questions about my injury history, my physical activity habits, etc. etc. They were extremely thorough, looking at my injury from all angles, and were really understanding about wanting to get healed and back to pain-free running quickly!

For the next hour, they both worked on my ankle, foot, calf muscle and pelvis/hip area. I won’t lie and say it all felt great, but I knew it all served a purpose. They explained everything they were doing and why they were doing it and I kept finding myself saying “that makes total sense!” Orthology’s approach to healing seems so simple when you think about it, you don’t understand why it’s never been done this way before. But it hasn’t. It’s truly unique and cutting edge.

Orthology is all about breaking the “cycle of injury” and getting you back out there and pain free as quickly as possible. Since my first appointment, I’ve been back for one follow up appointment and have another one this afternoon. After each appointment, I left feeling pretty quite awesome already. I’ll be sure to report back with my progress — I got into the Garry Bjorkland half marathon, so I want to get back to 100 percent soon because it’s time to start base building!

Now for the giveaway. Want to give Orthology a try? Leave a comment to be entered to win one of two free 30 minute tune up consultations! The comment can be about anything: tell me about a past or current nagging injury, if you’ve ever done physical therapy, etc. Good luck — I’ll choose a winner end of the day Tuesday 11/10!


A break + Walking for Charlie

Well, it’s been awhile. I hit a bit of a rough patch and decided to take a bit of a break. I also took an extended break from running after my fall and due to some other medical reasons. Then, as soon as I was about to start easing back into things, I got the WORLD’S WORST HEAD COLD EVER! (OK, I’m obviously exaggerating, here, but it was pretty bad). It also doesn’t help that the weather in Minnesota is still annoyingly cold, but I did get out for a 2.2 mile walk yesterday. The temperature was around 30 degrees, but there was a terribly cold headwind. I can’t wait for spring.

Since there hasn’t been any running going on, I’ve been focusing on making my 10,000 steps/day goal. It doesn’t happen every day, but I’ve been doing okay.


I’m also signed up for a few races. The race we do every year in Wisconsin is coming up quick. It’s five miles, so I don’t anticipate I’ll be running it at this point, but depending on the weather, that’s a long ways to walk, so we’ll see. Hopefully it won’t be a DNS for me, but it could happen. I also have Goldy’s 5K coming up and the Faith’s Lodge Hope Walks and Rolls 5K! I’m putting together a team and doing some fundraising in memory of Charlie. If you’d like to join our team, you can register here. Or to donate, click here!

Since my training has been lacking, fill me in on how yours has been going!


I never thought I’d say this… (and a GOTR winner!)

…but as of this moment, my husband will be running the Twin Cities Marathon by my side.

Yes, you read that correctly. My husband, who just ran a 3:04 marathon is aiming to run TCM in 4 hours. He’s coming back from an injury so has (for now, anyways) decided to run this marathon “for fun” so he doesn’t jeopardize his performance at Boston. I haven’t run with my husband since we first started dating, so I’m really excited about this!

In other news, the first few days at the new job have been awesome. As much as I miss my old co-workers and manager, I already feel right at home with this great team and in a small office. On my first day, we went out for all-you-can-eat sushi and I was welcomed by Urkel (how many people can say that?):

Creepy, yet so thoughtful!

Creepy, yet so thoughtful!

As far as workouts go, I ran Tuesday evening and my calves have proceeded to knot up in balls again (perfect timing) but I do think my glute/hip strengthening exercises are continuing to help.

Nice night for a run!

Nice night for a run!

The rest of this week includes getting in one more short run and a SUPER short shakeout run the day before the marathon. I am also finishing up my last week at my second job before they close for the season (woot!):

Had to order ceviche before they close for the season

Had to order ceviche before they close for the season

Do you run with your significant other?

Urkel — cute or creepy?

CONGRATS to Erin who won the GOTR 5K giveaway! Email me and I’ll get you set up 🙂


Life lately

Life has been hectic lately. Like forgetting to eat lunch or to wash the conditioner out of your hair, hectic. Like I’ve left multiple voicemails from my car while driving for people starting with “I had to call you right this minute to tell you XYZ or I’m going to forget.” But I feel like things are maybe starting to slow down a little bit. Yesterday I worked the last day at my “current” job and I’m so excited to have today and tomorrow as “me” days and then I start a brand new job on Monday!

For the past two and a half weeks (ever since I put in my notice) I’ve been a roller coaster of emotions about leaving the amazing people I work with, stressing out about getting everything done/leaving things the way I wanted to and dealing with my running injuries and trying to feel ready for this *little* marathon coming up. Yet still being so excited about the new opportunities that lie ahead with the new job!

So with everything going on, a few things have suffered — mainly my marathon prep, my sanity, this blog — and sadly, my husband. (He puts up with a lot.) But writing this now, at 3 p.m., outside in the amazing weather, in my Oiselle Time Out sweatpants — things are looking pretty fantastic and I’m starting to feel like myself again.

EDIT: they are looking even more fantastic because these just showed up!


So what’s been going on lately that I’ve been feeling too tired and scatterbrained to actually get around to posting about?

Work going away happy hours.

Work going away happy hours.

20 mile runs.

20 mile runs.

Bridal showers.

Bridal showers.



So yeah, a busy life…but a pretty amazing life.


FAB Fitness: Foot Edition

I accidentally typed “food” edition. Mmm, food. You’d think with the decrease in mileage this past week, I wouldn’t be so rungry. Not the case.

So instead of a weekly workouts post this week, I’ll just say that I didn’t really work out. In the days following my 16 milers, my calves stayed balled up in terrible knots and my foot throbbed constantly.

My PT appointment on Thursday lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes. We talked about my running history, current training, goals, symptoms — you name it. My PT then did some tests for  baseline measurements. Then, we went through some exercises that I’ve been doing every day since my appointment. One main area of weakness for me is my left ankle. (I’ve sprained it, like, 100 times.)

After that, she went to work on my calves and left foot by doing some deep tissue massage. And finally, she taped me up and sent me back to work. Looking like this:


This week I have my treadmill analysis — SO excited. I think I’ll be buying one more new pair of shoes before the marathon, but I’m waiting until after the analysis. I think it’ll be super interesting.

I did run once this past week. I ran for the first time after my awful 16-miler on Saturday. The weather had cooled off a bit so I ran around one of the lakes with my friend Mandy. We did 3.5 miles and I felt pretty good for the most part. My calves stayed loose the entire time, but my left foot was all I could think about during the run.


I also moved my long run to Monday (today) because of all the time I’ve been spending on my feet at the second job and to give my foot another day of rest.

The week’s other highlights included my Oiselle packages arriving! (Both my order and my Oiselle Team kit!)



Also, Wednesday night I stayed up wayyyy past my bedtime to go to the Desaparecidos show with the hubs. And it was SO worth it:



How were your workouts the past week? Have you ever done physical therapy?