Recap: Fall Great Lakes Bird Camp (AKA the greatest weekend ever)

Man, I’m coming down off of my bird camp high and it’s not pretty. So I stayed up late last night to write this and relive #allthememories. Sorry in advance that this is so long: Friday I rushed around all morning finishing up some last minute work, dropping off the little guy at daycare and… Continue reading Recap: Fall Great Lakes Bird Camp (AKA the greatest weekend ever)

Walking for Charlie

This past weekend, 28 humans (including five tiny ones) and two dogs came out as part of Team Charlie to walk the Hope Walks and Rolls 5K to remember Charlie and raise money for Faith’s Lodge. It was so special to have so many people there, surrounding us! And of course, it felt extra special to be… Continue reading Walking for Charlie

Day in the Life: Before Baby

I thought it might be kind of fun to do one of those ‘Day in the Life’-type posts, even if just for my own amusement to compare a typical day pre-baby and post-baby. So…here it goes! (PS – my life is not at all interesting. So congrats to you if you make it through this… Continue reading Day in the Life: Before Baby

Second Trimester Recap

Weeks 14 – 16 I kicked off the second trimester with a weekend trip to Atlanta with Andrea to visit friends Kate, Brian and her new baby! It was a great trip, but I was still dealing with some of the fatigue from the first trimester, so we didn’t exactly hit the town in the… Continue reading Second Trimester Recap