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Weekly workouts: 1/8 – 1/14

Monday, January 8: REST

Life got in the way and I opted to skip Monday’s run for my own sanity’s sake.

Tuesday, January 9: Strength

Hit up a weight training class at Northeast Fitness. It was a straightforward workout starting with cut downs (15, 12, 10) to warm up (bicep curls, tricep extensions, chest press and fly). Then a three round circuit of walking lunges with weighted rotation, wall ball, plank, barbell row, ab roll outs and kettlebell sumo deadlifts.

Wednesday, January 10: Run*

Easy 3.5 miles after work. I definitely overdressed for this one – it was 36 degrees, but very damp, so I opted for flow tights, long sleeve lux, vigor vest, headband and gloves, but I took the gloves off just two minutes in and could have definitely gone without the vest.

Thursday, January 11: Run*

Oh, where to start? After some nice, mild weather, Thursday brought a plunge in temperature and snow. My only window for a run was before the paths were cleared, so I strapped on the Yaktrax and headed out. After a rough first mile, I finally kind of warmed up and figured out my footing, but as soon as I turned around at 1.5 miles, I found myself running directly into the wind.

I am happy to report that my new flyout jacket kept me nice and toasty — definitely was a smart investment for Minnesota winter running!

Friday, January 12: Kettlebells and Krankcycle class + PT exercises

I got in some strength work with a lunch hour Northeast Fitness class, spending half the time on the Krankcycle and half the time on the floor. The floor workout was three rounds of kettlebell swings, catch and press (1 min.), gunslingers (1 min.), half Turkish get ups left side (1 min.), half turkish get ups right side (1 min.). We finished with some core work.

Saturday, January 13: Hot yoga

The room felt hotter than usual, so it was a nice, hour-long extra sweaty session.

Sunday, January 14: Run* + strength circuit, PT exercises

Finally, a good run! Despite the below-zero temperatures, this run felt effortless (in fact, I may have seen some 8:xx’s on my watch from time to time) and I have to admit, my layering game was on point.

After I got home, I did a strength circuit from BlondePonytail’s Train Like an Athlete plan.

The rest of the day included eating a gigantic, amazing salad, meal prepping for the week and being lazy and watching football. We opted for ordering pizzas (a gf and vegan cheeze one for me!) and it was an excellent decision. And HOLY THE MOST AMAZING GAME EVER! Go Vikings! I’m going to be on an airplane during the next game – so I might need wi-fi for that flight.

*While I’m still being cautious with my hamstring, all of my runs have been at easy pace

This week I gave Stephanie Meyer’s Project Vibrancy Meals a shot. Give your free week a try!

I also made a loaf of Danielle Walker’s grain-free sandwich bread and ate that with almond butter for breakfasts, and mostly had dinner leftovers for lunches.

On the schedule this week:

  • Leaving my number of run days at three, but continuing to add on the total mileage
  • Drink more water!
  • Start of the Whole Life Challenge!

Do you meal prep on Sundays? What does it typically look like?


Festive Fitness

Since our house got hit by strep right before Christmas, and I took about a week off from working out, I wanted to take advantage of working from home and the long holiday weekends off from work to make up for it. Mission accomplished!

Thursday, December 28: Spin

I was looking forward to this workout but I never really felt like I hit a stride and my heart rate was really high throughout the entire thing. I chalked it up to still recovering from strep.

Friday, December 29: KrankCycle and Kettlebells at Northeast Fitness

How I missed the KrankCycle! Felt good to get in a quick 50-minute lunch hour strength session.

Saturday, December 30: Climbing

Since my mom was in town, J and I took advantage of having a built-in babysitter and went climbing at Vertical Endeavors. It was really busy (hello, holiday weekend), but we still got in some solid climbing time.

Sunday, December 31: Hot Yoga

Since the temperature high was a whopping -5 degrees, hot yoga seemed like a good idea.

Monday, Jan. 1: Alchemy A20

Since I’m old and went to bed before midnight on New Years Eve, I was easily able to take advantage of Alchemy’s free New Years Day classes with a 9 a.m. A20 and my first Alchemy class ever. It was a tough workout, but I loved it! This was the workout:

Tuesday, Jan. 2: Run*; PT exercises

33 minutes with the Oiselle MN Volee ladies. It was so cold that even after being good and remembering to do a dynamic warm up, I tightened up again. The hamstring was definitely “off” during this, but didn’t seem to feel any worse, post-run. And even for as cold as it was, remarkably, the weather felt warm compared to the previous few days.

Wednesday, Jan. 3: Alchemy A10

I hit up the Edina studio after work. The workout, while tough, was much different than the A20 – it seemed to be over so quickly!

Workout (10 minutes):

10 2xTorpedo Deadlifts (15# each)
10 Box Jumps
10 Push-ups

Thursday, Jan. 4: REST (PT exercises)

A busy day at work meant a forced rest day for me, but had a great, relaxing happy hour with friends that made it totally worth it.

Friday, Jan. 5: Alchemy A20

4:30 a.m. alarm was rough but the 5:30 A20 class at Alchemy was packed. It was a really fun workout, with a lot of variety. Like for many, pull-ups are my enemy, but I’m determined to get stronger and maybe even do an unassisted one someday in the not-too-distant future.

Workout (20 minutes):

5 Pull-ups
7 Push-ups
9 Muscle Snatch (alternating arms every rep) (15#)
12 Abmat Sit-ups
15 Air Squats

Saturday: REST

We took a weekend trip with family to Eau Claire for some waterpark fun for the kids. I was extremely sore from Friday’s workout, so a rest day was definitely welcome. And, let’s be honest, chasing after a two-year-old means I don’t actually get to rest.

Sunday: Run*; PT exercises

It was a great day for a run, weather wise. Met up with Andrea for a few miles (and brought the dog). It was a good transition from getting back into town to the long night of laundry and meal prepping (Instacart to the rescue – use my referral link for $10 off!) I had ahead of me. And bonus: No hamstring pain!

*While I’m still being cautious with my hamstring, all of my runs have been at easy pace

For many reasons that I may or may not get into in a separate post, my start to AIP has been slightly delayed. Meals for the past week and a half had been pretty clean, but with the weekend away, I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was and I paid for it.

Breakfasts: AIP breakfast sausage and golden sweet potato and cauliflower hash from the Essential Thyroid Cookbook.

Lunches: mostly some combination of a protein (proscuitto, sardines) paired with a fermented food (typically sauerkraut), and a green veggie (broccoli or a kale salad).

Dinners: Well Fed carnitas, spaghetti sauce with zoodles, lemon garlic shrimp with spinach saute from the Essential Thyroid Cookbook.

On the schedule this week:

  • Hoping to increase the number of run days to three total
  • Two days of strength training (taking a week off from Alchemy to decide if I’m going to invest in a membership or not)
  • Three days of PT exercises (mostly lateral band walks, single leg deadlifts, etc.)
  • One day of yoga (of the hot variety)
  • One cardio cross training day (spin)
  • Cleaning up my diet even more – working to get fully on board with my Sugar-Free January and limit my portions of grains to only a couple times per week.

Do you cross train? What are your favorite activities?

Are you a hot weather or cold weather runner?

Post-injury running update

Hello! Wanted to pop in quickly to do a little update since I am officially running again! Not much and definitely sloooooow, but I’m happy to be pain free, finally!

Dr. Travis McCathie (who is a miracle-worker and super awesome – shout out to Tracy for the recommendation) gave me the “all-clear” to run again on November 22 and on November 24, I ran for the first time in 52 days.

I ran for 20 minutes and surprisingly, cardio-wise I felt pretty good! My legs, however, protested almost from the very beginning. Instead of running, I took the dog on a 2.3 mile walk the next day and ran again for 20 minutes the day after that. It went about as well as the first run, but I felt tired. I took four days off before running again and in those four days, it was a struggle to get through the day, my body felt sore and a lot of my adrenal fatigue symptoms reemerged.

A trip to see my acupuncturist, along with some herbs, paying really close attention to my diet (AKA EATING LESS SUGAR) and a renewed effort to get a solid eight hours of sleep at night, and I started to feel better. I ran again on December 1st and 3rd and increased my time to, wait for it, 23 MINUTES for each of those runs!

Then, on December 5th, something happened. It snowed and got cold AF and I haven’t run since. But what being injured (and tbh, a lack of motivation to run outside in the cold) brought back to my life is the reminder that I love working out and I love variety! Case in point: After a group rock climbing event with my Oiselle teammates, I’ve been climbing once per week and recently invested in my own gear. I love it!

I also started up with a hot yoga practice again at my old studio in Bloomington and it makes me SO HAPPY. I’m only going once per week right now, but it’s one of the things I most look forward to each week and I know the heat and sweating is so good for my body.

Also, last night was the best spin workout I’ve had in years. The instructor had great energy and we got a full-body workout with a weight bar for our arms and core and I loved the variety of sprints and hills throughout class.

Last, but not least, I finally feel like I’ve got a routine down with self-care and strength training at home. Every evening I do something – alternating between foam rolling/stretching, a quick strength circuit, core, PT exercises, etc.

While, yes, I’m still pretty inconsistent with running these days, I’m cautiously optimistic that I could have some decent races ahead of me this spring. Although this line of thinking inevitably led me to registering for races, when my original plan was to wait until Feb. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Whistlestop Half Marathon Training: Less Than Seven Weeks to Go!

Monday: 20 minute swim + legs/glutes

A week out of the pool and the remnants of a cold made this a bit rough, but I still saw improvement in the time it took me to complete my time — I’m getting faster!

Tuesday: 3.52 miles (9:35 pace) + abs


That afternoon, I headed the new and shiny U.S. Bank Stadium for a VIP BiPro Protein Water launch event. It was cool to see the new stadium and the BiPro folks even introduced me to pro runner Jordan Hasay and former pro (and Minnesota Vikings) NFL player Ben Leber! They were super nice and it was fun to chat running, nutrition and recovery. I’m hoping to have an event recap (with a sweet discount code!) up tomorrow.

Wednesday: Arms/back + Jasyoga

Thursday: 3.18 miles (9:35 pace) + abs


Tired after abs

Friday: Total body strength training

Saturday: 1.62 mile walk + abs

Probably should’ve gotten my run in on Saturday, but my hip and knee were bothering me so I took an extra rest day. And I knew I was going to be at the State Fair walking around a lot, so I didn’t want to overdo it.

The Dixie Chicks were amazing. I’ve loved them for forever and had given up on my dream of seeing them live, so I was thrilled when they announced their world tour, with a stop in MN!

On top of everything, we had the BEST SEATS EVER!

Photo credit: @mlswenson

Photo credit: @mlswenson

Since I’ll be going back to the fair with the fam, I kept my eating relatively under control while I was there — a Pronto Pup, some wine and a beer, some Chicago Mix popcorn and a salmon and shrimp slider (DELICIOUS), and I called it good.


Sunday: 4.18 miles (10 min pace)

Oh boy, this was rough. I already knew I wasn’t going to run as far as I should, seven weeks out from a half because my hip was bothering me, but once I got out there, it was hard to even make it four miles! It was hot (I didn’t get out until around 2) and I obviously didn’t have enough water for a warm day (and all of the adult beverages the night before). My first mile was around 10:40 — I wanted to go out easy, but I couldn’t have gone faster if I wanted to. I did pick up the pace a little and finished my last mile in 9:45.

This week is all about continuing my strength training and coming up with a plan with my PT to get me through the half.

Have you been to the/a State Fair this year? What’d you eat?

I’m linking up today with Jess and Jess!

Whistlestop Half Marathon: Week ???? (oh, and it’s my birthday today!)

The Right Fits

I’m linking up today with Jess and Jess!



I’ve mentioned it on social media, but I’m officially registered for the Whistlestop Half Marathon in Ashland, WI on October 15. I had hoped to get into the TC 10 Mile, but no such luck. I’m finally getting excited about Whistlestop though, and even though I’m sure I’ll be a bit jealous come TCM weekend, I’m looking forward to being a super spectator!

I’ve been dealing with setback after setback since Garry Bjorklund. After my hip, it was my hamstring and most recently, a bad summer cold/sore throat. But I’m working with Coach to train conservatively, I’ve been upping my cross training (oh, how I’ve missed the pool) and sticking with PT. Here’s what last week’s training looked like:

Monday: 20 minutes in the pool
Swimming after not swimming for awhile is quite humbling. Woof.
Tuesday: 20 minutes easy (9:53 pace). No pain, but felt off balance. Went to PT and got new exercises.
Wednesday: 30 minutes (9:41 pace) followed by 20 minutes in the pool. Similar to Tuesday — no pain, but felt off balance through my hips.
Took my run indoors today

Took my run indoors today

Thursday: 20 minutes in the pool
I definitely could feel it in my arms — I probably wasn’t ready to swim two days in a row.
Friday: 20 minutes, (10:21 pace)
I decided to do daycare drop with off with the stroller to ensure an easy pace and it worked!
Saw this baby bird on my run today. Yay #nature

Saw this baby bird on my run today. Yay #nature

Saturday: Gopher to Badger 5K – 26:28, 8th in AG
Started out at around a 9:20-9:30 pace and picked it up every half mile, down to around 7:55 at the end. I felt good! Left hamstring was a little twinge-y, but felt good afterwards. I had a sore throat starting and that bothered me more than anything. Andrea also had a great race!

Coffee + carbs, post race

Coffee + carbs, post race

Sunday: 7.5 miles on my bike and 1.72 mile walk
Since I sold my road bike last year, I dusted off the ol’ Huffy and biked to Lake Nokomis to cheer on some friends at the YWCA Women’s Tri. It was a gorgeous day for it and was fun to see all of the athletes. It ALMOST made me want to do another tri 😉 I made it home just in time to see the first women finish the marathon.
Later that day, I rounded up the baby and the pup for a walk to see if it’d help Little C’s bad mood. And, it did!

This week’s focus is increasing my mileage again (slightly) and more cross training. Hoping for less humidity!

Update: Weekly Workouts

Besides the Red, White and Boom relay, I’ve been taking things verrrry easy, going to PT once a week and doing LOTS of yoga. I’ve been feeling good, so this is the first week Coach is having me do any kind of speedwork and I’m so excited! In the meantime, here’s what last week’s running, etc. looked like:

Monday: Red, White and Boom! Half Marathon Relay

Tuesday: 20 minute recovery run (actual run 19:38 – 2 miles, 9:49 pace) + yoga

The forecast was calling for rain in the next hours or so, so I grabbed the BOB and headed to daycare to get Calvin, but I failed in beating the storm (actually, Weather Underground failed). So halfway there, when it started pouring, I had to turn around and head back. I finished my 20 minutes, jumped in the car and picked up Calvin. The run felt pretty decent, even having raced the day before. I had gone to PT earlier in the day, so I was a bit sore from being worked on, but nothing too terrible.

Wednesday: Yoga! (and PT exercises)

Thanks to Jessie’s recommendation, a co-worker and I hit up the Galleria’s Root Down, Ramp Up yoga series. It was a HOT day, but yoga in the sunshine felt great.


Thursday: Yoga + core work

We left the Cities for the cabin around 6:30 p.m. and after we FINALLY made it there (the POURING AND BLINDING rain slowed us down), we put Calvin to bed and I got in some hamstring yoga and core work before going to bed.

Friday: REST (PT exercises and a 5-minute Jasyoga reset)

It wasn’t the nicest day at the cabin, so we laid around for much of the day before heading to the Grand Rapids Legion (oh yeah) for Burger Night with J’s grandparents 🙂


I won some steaks in the meat raffle. So yeah, worth it.

Saturday: 40 minute run (4.47 miles, 9:04 pace) + yoga (psoas and a Jasyoga hip sequence)

Jesse and I left the little guy with his grandparents and headed to the Prairie River Trail to get in some miles. It was only 68 degrees, but the sun was quite toasty. I’m SO thankful for my current favorite piece of running gear, my new Oiselle mesh cap!

This hat is magical

This hat is magical

It took a little while for me to warm up. My hip felt fine, but the area in my hamstring/top of the calf that bothered me during Monday’s race, was acting up. Eventually, I settled into a groove and felt otherwise good.


The rest of the day was glorious. I did some yoga outside and we took Calvin on his first boat ride!


Sunday: 30 minute run (3.38 miles, 9:05 pace) + core work (and PT exercises)

By the time I got out for this run, it was pretty humid and I was tired from a weekend of relaxing — or maybe it was the beer or lack of anything healthy in my diet. Either way, this run required a LOT of effort. I finished the day with some core work while watching some Olympic Trials track and field!

Who are your T&F favorites who are headed to Rio?

Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon Training: Week Eleven

It’s officially race week! Last week was a very “meh” week of running:

Monday: REST

Neck was still sore so I skipped lifting and just stretched and foam rolled

Tuesday: 5 miles (9:24 pace)

AKA New Garmin Day! The wrist band on my old Garmin came apart and since it’s still under warranty, Garmin offered to send a replacement band. In the meantime, I’ve been wanting to upgrade, so it was the perfect justification 😉 I headed to Mill City Running over my lunch hour and met up with Sara and left with a brand new Garmin!

(and a few other goodies)

(and a few other goodies)

The run later that evening was just OK. Legs continue to feel tired.

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: REST

We decided to make the 5.5 drive to my parents’ house at Calvin’s bedtime so he’d sleep in the car, so we left Minneapolis around 6 p.m. It worked great minus the fact that it was midnight by the time we got there and I was SO TIRED!

Friday: 3 miles (8:50 pace)

Calvin woke up at his grandparents’ house, bright and early at 5:40 a.m. so I got up and get ready to run once Jesse got up. I headed out around 7:30 and it was already hot and sticky (the temp eventually rose to over 90 degrees later in the day!). I love running in my hometown — it’s a great change of scenery and you can usually run (no sidewalks) down the road for awhile before meeting any cars. The only downside is pretty hilly terrain. My legs were feeling this one for the next day or so!



Saturday: REST

I gave my legs the next day off and we continued to relax at my parents’ house. We headed to my aunt and uncle’s place in the afternoon. They live on my grandparents’ farm and Calvin and Cole got to meet goats, baby chicks, a large dog and some cats. They were both pretty tired afterwards from all the excitement and all the fresh air and all the grass and trees and nature!!!!



I caught up with some high school friends over a beer and a brat (because, Wisconsin) later that evening.


Sunday: 6 miles (9:05 pace)

I decided to wait until we got back to Minneapolis to get my “long run” in. We left Wisconsin around 9 a.m. and got back to MN around 3. It was a stressful ride back with traffic and Calvin being pretty unhappy about being in his carseat.

Once we got Calvin down to bed, Kate and I headed out for our run. There was a breeze and the temperature had cooled from the previous two days, but it still felt sticky and I never felt like I ever warmed up. The entire run was hard. Not the run I was hoping for less than a week out from the half, but that’s what happens!

Focusing this week on rest and eating right. I’m not off to a great start since I haven’t been sleeping well, but I’ve been eating pretty well and cutting back on the mileage in a big way. Next update will be post-Garry Bjorklund Half!