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Whistlestop Half Marathon: Week ???? (oh, and it’s my birthday today!)

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I’ve mentioned it on social media, but I’m officially registered for the Whistlestop Half Marathon in Ashland, WI on October 15. I had hoped to get into the TC 10 Mile, but no such luck. I’m finally getting excited about Whistlestop though, and even though I’m sure I’ll be a bit jealous come TCM weekend, I’m looking forward to being a super spectator!

I’ve been dealing with setback after setback since Garry Bjorklund. After my hip, it was my hamstring and most recently, a bad summer cold/sore throat. But I’m working with Coach to train conservatively, I’ve been upping my cross training (oh, how I’ve missed the pool) and sticking with PT. Here’s what last week’s training looked like:

Monday: 20 minutes in the pool
Swimming after not swimming for awhile is quite humbling. Woof.
Tuesday: 20 minutes easy (9:53 pace). No pain, but felt off balance. Went to PT and got new exercises.
Wednesday: 30 minutes (9:41 pace) followed by 20 minutes in the pool. Similar to Tuesday — no pain, but felt off balance through my hips.
Took my run indoors today

Took my run indoors today

Thursday: 20 minutes in the pool
I definitely could feel it in my arms — I probably wasn’t ready to swim two days in a row.
Friday: 20 minutes, (10:21 pace)
I decided to do daycare drop with off with the stroller to ensure an easy pace and it worked!
Saw this baby bird on my run today. Yay #nature

Saw this baby bird on my run today. Yay #nature

Saturday: Gopher to Badger 5K – 26:28, 8th in AG
Started out at around a 9:20-9:30 pace and picked it up every half mile, down to around 7:55 at the end. I felt good! Left hamstring was a little twinge-y, but felt good afterwards. I had a sore throat starting and that bothered me more than anything. Andrea also had a great race!

Coffee + carbs, post race

Coffee + carbs, post race

Sunday: 7.5 miles on my bike and 1.72 mile walk
Since I sold my road bike last year, I dusted off the ol’ Huffy and biked to Lake Nokomis to cheer on some friends at the YWCA Women’s Tri. It was a gorgeous day for it and was fun to see all of the athletes. It ALMOST made me want to do another tri 😉 I made it home just in time to see the first women finish the marathon.
Later that day, I rounded up the baby and the pup for a walk to see if it’d help Little C’s bad mood. And, it did!

This week’s focus is increasing my mileage again (slightly) and more cross training. Hoping for less humidity!


Gopher to Badger 5K race recap

Race #14 of the year is in the books!

The day started out as any other typical race morning. I woke up around 5 a.m. and had a cup of coffee along with one piece of Ezekiel toast with AB. The weather looked like it’d be about 60 degrees at race start with sun and no wind so I decided on my Oiselle stride shorts and new Flyte tank (yup — I wore it again), compression socks and sunglasses. My mom and I left the house close to 6:30 so I would have time to get my race packet and take a bus to the start line.

Both the half marathon and 5K distances finished in the same place, Lakefront Park in Hudson, Wisconsin. As we pulled up to the park, I realized I had been there once before — sometime around 5 a.m. during my last Ragnar Relay!


Pretty, pretty.

I secured my race packet and met up with my friend Amanda, who traveled from Madison and was running the half marathon. Reunited after at least eight years probably!?!


Had to represent Minnesota while waiting for the race to start!

The half marathoners left in their buses around 7:20 and then I got in line for the 5K bus. It took us across the river to Minnesota to the start line, which was in a residential area in the city of Afton (I think). Then, the route followed the last 3.1 miles of the half marathon course.

I can’t say I was a fan of the way the start was organized (maybe my only complaint about this race). There were no mats at the start (which isn’t necessarily unusual) but then again, my Garmin time seemed to be pretty off from the official time and I pressed “start” right when I passed the start banner. So that was a little confusing. Also, there was no organization and there were groups of walkers that started right up front. The race also started early, so I was a bit surprised when I heard the horn go off.

Mile 1: 7:46

OK — enough complaining. After finally weaving my way through to a place where I could run at a pace with my own personal space, I settled in and focused on maintaining my position and not getting passed.

Mile 2: 7:42

Mile 2 included a nice, long downhill slope that I was very happy about. At this point, you’re also basically running alongside Interstate I-94 too, which was really weird. Things went pretty well during this mile. Right in front of me was a tall girl with long legs that I tried to keep up with — and almost did, until the end of mile 2 when she took off.


Mile 3: 7:40

Mile 3 takes you into downtown Hudson. I was tired and thirsty but somehow kept my legs moving. Left, right, left right. And by the end of the race, I was pretty much on my own. I wasn’t fast enough (or had enough left in the tank to pick up the pace at all) to stick with the pack in front of my, but I had also picked off a few people who had probably gone out too fast. So as I came into the park for the last .2 or so, the spectators were pretty great and definitely got me through to the end.

Wow -- check out that terrible form.

Wow — check out that terrible form.

Final time: 24:37 (and did you check out those negative splits?!?!)

Overall, pretty happy with this race. I was only passed by one person the entire race and by no females! I have to admit though, I feel a little frustrated because it felt like I was running so fast the entire time and then I look at how much further I have to go to make my sub-24:00 goal. I have literally NO idea how people run 17:XX 5Ks. Or faster. Oh, I guess they must put in hard work 🙂


My mom and I watched the 5K awards ceremony and then headed back to the finish line to see Amanda. She had a great race!

How do you approach 5Ks? Do you have any 5K goals?


FAB Fitness: weekly workouts 8/5 – 8/11

Life and stress won this week. Running/training did not. Oh well — it happens, and this week I’ll try again.

Monday: Planned rest day

Tuesday: Run fail. 2 miles in 25 minutes.

What was supposed to be 12x400s turned into the longest two miles of my life. Ended up walking/running them because of the knee pain and shooting pain up my leg.

After my crappy run, J and I had committed to making an appearance at National Night Out. We’ve successfully avoided any NNO since we bought our house in 2009, since for introverts, like me, NNO can be pretty much the worst thing ever. However, we’ve decided to make a commitment to getting to know at least some of our neighbors better and one of the newest couples to the neighborhood spent a lot of time organizing the NNO festivities, so we wanted to show support and attend. It ended up being pretty painless and actually quite the adventure since a big storm rolled through and we all had to head inside of one of the houses. But there was good (not too terribly awkward) conversation and yummy food!

Wednesday: Quick 2 miles over my lunch hour. 8:41, 8:34

Knee pain was gone! Hooray. After work, I worked the second job and luckily we were B-U-S-Y. If we were slow, I probably would have fallen asleep standing up.

Thursday: Rest day

Didn’t get up early to work out since I was up pretty late after getting home from work the night before. I was planning a quick run after work and before my dinner plans, but I got stuck at work late and wasn’t able to squeeze anything in. A delusional part of me also thought maybe I could eat light at dinner and then go workout after dinner. HA! (um yeah, that didn’t happen)

Friday: 3 miles and one hour personal training session

Redemption! The alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. and I was up to eat a breakfast cookie and drink a cup of coffee before meeting the lovely Portia for a run. Portia and her family were passing through Minneapolis on their way to their new home in Seattle, from Boston. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning to take one of my new Oiselle teammates on a mini-tour of Minneapolis!

My new Flyte tank. Thanks mom -- happy early bday to me!

My new Flyte tank. Thanks, Mom — happy early bday to me!



After our run I headed to Revolution Cycle and Fitness for my weekly personal training session. OH MAN did we work today. We only did light leg work on the Pilates Reformer since I was racing the next day and spent the rest of the hour on arms and abs. My arms were jelly by the end.

Saturday: Race #14 of the year and first race as part of the Oiselle Voleé team! Gopher to Badger 5K (race recap to follow). 24:37 (5 second PR!)

My parents were in town over the weekend so my mom went with me to the race and my dad stayed home with J to do some kitchen remodeling planning. After the race, my mom and I met my dad, J, my brother, my cousin, her husband, her three kids and my aunt and uncle (phew!) for  lunch at Sandcastle! It was a gorgeous day for sitting outside and I finally tried the much raved about BLT. It tasted great with a cold beer and a few cheese curds.


After lunch, I started to feel sick. My stomach tends to be off after long runs and races, so I didn’t think much of it. I was also getting a headache, so I laid down for an hour or so before I had to start getting ready for dinner. We went to Burch, the restaurant that my brother cooks at to celebrate our birthdays (my brother’s birthday was yesterday and mine is on Friday!)

I can’t wait to go back when I’m feeling better! Everything was AMAZING, I just wasn’t feeling like my normal self. But I loved the atmosphere in there (the building used to be a drug store and they totally gutted the whole place, including the basement).

Also, I think they like my brother because the kitchen kept sending out dishes we didn’t order to try. Glad my brother told us to order light!

I started with a Cucumber Press to drink — cucumber water, vodka and lime. Super refreshing!

We ended up all sharing each others’ food. We tried the Lamb Tartare, Endive Salad, the Barramundi and Marlin Crudo, the prawns, bone marrow dumplings, rapini risotto, broccolini, and of course — the steak. My mom also got the salmon.




My favorite thing about the menu is that they have 25 cent “small treats” for dessert.


They’re the perfect little bit of sweet that I crave after meals. I had the chocolate dipped coconut macaroon and the chocolate chili truffle.



Sunday: I felt sick all day and opted to move my long run to Monday since I had to work the second job. Pretty much laid in bed all day after my parents left and until I had to leave for work. Bah.

This week = RAGNAR! I’m in Van 1 and we leave for Winona bright and early Friday morning!

Do you participate in National Night Out? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Both?