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Let me introduce you to…

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Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

…Jennipher Walters — the CEO and co-founder of, AND the brand new Jennipher’s bio is full of super impressive credentials and she’s written for tons of prominent publications — and being just two of them.

I initially reached out to Jennipher when I saw that she is an ACE-certified personal trainer (the same credential I’m pursuing) and she holds her MA in health journalism from the University of Minnesota (the same degree I hold from the same program/school). We set up a time to chat over the phone and she was nice enough to answer my many questions about her personal/professional journey in getting to where she’s at today. Talking with Jennipher was so interesting — I’m so lucky to have had the chance to chat with such an incredible woman!

If you haven’t already checked out the new, definitely check it out! Lots of good stuff there.

PS – I wrote this post before I left — right about now I’m probably getting ready to explore the port of Grand Cayman. Don’t hate me too much.

Who are your role models?


One thought on “Let me introduce you to…

  1. What an awesome opportunity! And, I love that you’re reaching for your goal of being ACE certified… so cool 🙂

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