FAB Fitness: 17 weeks (weekly workouts)

I definitely spaced and skipped last week’s recap, but I promise you that it wasn’t all that interesting.

Monday: Rest day

I took a half day at work because it was a very important holiday — the Minnesota Twins home opener!


With a (Minnesota) Twins-inspired bump pic!

We didn’t win and I had a headache, but I’m so glad outdoor baseball is back. That means summer is right around the corner!

Tuesday: 1.2 mile walk

I got my first “when are you due?” question from a stranger today. Talk about awkward. I was so caught off guard that I almost forgot when I was due and definitely stuttered a bit when answering her. It really didn’t bother me too much, but I do think I took a little longer looking at my side profile in the mirror in the bathroom after that.

Tuesday afternoon I took a nice walk with Patti and the pup and enjoyed the sunny weather!

Wednesday: Rest day

The hubs and I attended a Dogs and Storks class on Wednesday evening. What bad timing — an amazing 70 degree day and I go straight from work to a classroom for two and a half hours. Oh well.

The class was really interesting and included tips for introducing your dog to your new baby. Now if only they had some sort of feline introduction class.

Thursday: 1.2 mile walk

A nice walk after dinner with Mandy!

Friday: Rest day

I flew home to Wisconsin on Friday to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday! Technically, her birthday isn’t until Wednesday but it was too hard to get home in the middle of the week. My dad picked me up from the airport and had it all worked out to meet my mom for dinner. He planned it so we’d get there about ten minutes before her. When she walked in, she exclaimed, “what are you doing here?!” (But in a much more excited way than typing that out makes it sound.) It was pretty fun to pull off that surprise and then I got to eat fish fry (complete with corn fritters and potato pancakes) — win!

Saturday: Rest day

Saturday was pretty relaxing. My mom and I were going to go for a walk but it ended up raining almost all day (with some thunderstorms at night!). So instead, we ran some errands and baked this beautiful cherry pie:


I mostly just supervised.


That night, my dad and I took my mom out for her birthday dinner. We went to a place near where my mom grew up and although it took FOR-ever to get our food, it was definitely worth it. We had an asparagus tart for an appetizer that consisted of a pastry puff filled with brie and asparagus covered with some kind of horseradish sauce — really amazing. My entree of prosciutto-wrapped shrimp with mushroom ravioli was delicious, and the bite of my dad’s rack of lamb was also outstanding.

Sunday: Rest day

Sunday was my last day in Wisconsin so we made the most of it with breakfast at my favorite place: Egg Harbor!


The Handler: over hard egg with swiss cheese, bacon and ham on a pretzel bun with fruit and breakfast potatoes!

Before I knew it, it was time to head to the airport. It was a great weekend with my family, but it’s always so nice to get back home.

Next week I hope to surpass my goal of working out 3x/week to make up for my lack of workouts this week. I also have yoga on the schedule next week which always helps.

Random pregnancy-related things this week:

I think my fruit cravings have subsided a bit. Nothing really seems to have taken its place either.

We’ve decided on a babymoon location! We are going sometime in May and I’ll share all of the details once we return 🙂

All week I was hoping to feel the first signs of the baby moving and nothing. Although a couple of times while I was working (and drinking a smoothie) on Friday, I thought maybe I felt something. And I had a few other moments of thinking I felt something over the weekend, but nothing that I am 100% sure about. Can’t wait to feel that actual first kick!

Do you ever visit your hometown? Do you still live where you grew up?

How do you know that summer is right around the corner?

10 thoughts on “FAB Fitness: 17 weeks (weekly workouts)

  1. Jess

    Where did you take the Storks and Dogs class? That sounds like something my husband and I will have to do when the time comes…What kind of stuff did you learn?

    1. hyedi Post author

      We took the class at Amma: http://ammaparentingcenter.com/

      We learned a lot about dog body language and how to best prepare and minimize risk for different situations and different dog personality types. A lot of it boiled down to “use common sense” but there were some great tips that we’ll definitely keep in mind!

  2. Amanda SemiHealthNut (@SemiHealthNut)

    I’m visiting Nebraska this upcoming weekend! I’m so excited to see my family and hug my little nephew!!

    That’s super awkward she asked if you were pregnant…I mean knowing how you looked before, sure you look like you MIGHT be expecting (I still wouldn’t even ask at this point if I didn’t know!!)..but a stranger?? Yeah not cool.

    I’m up for walking next week/weekend if you are! Hopefully the weather will get nice again! I was quite surprised when I looked out at the sunny outdoors all day and stepped out to sub 40 degrees. 🙂

  3. erin

    So fun you surprised your mom for her birthday! Best gift ever 🙂 I really need to get home to see my folks and grandparents! Can’t wait to hear where you’re going on the baby moon!

  4. kohlercreated

    I try to visit my hometown (MN) at least once a year, but it seems to get tougher every year. I felt first kicks right around 18 weeks, so you’re definitely close. Mine actually just feel like digestion, but once you feel them, you’ll know. Try a little orange juice, that seems to get mine going. It’s cool because once they start, they get excited about everything you eat, and when you workout.

    1. hyedi Post author

      It really does seem to get harder. I remember I used to go home a few times a year when I was in college and now I get home maybe twice a year, but usually it’s once a year. And thanks — the last couple of days I’m still feeling those weird feelings, but not convinced it’s the baby — but it probably is! I’ll have to try the orange juice 😉

  5. Danielle @ I Eat Therefore I Run

    I seem to go home about once every 2-3 years now that I live in Scotland; it’s either save for that trip home and do nothing in between, or go on many little trips within Scotland and to continental Europe. Before I moved from Edmonton, it would be about once every 6 months. It’s strange to see how much Winnipeg has changed every time I visit, but also how everything about it just seems to come back to me when I’m there, especially getting around the city.

    You know summer (in Scottish standards -so 4 weeks) is just around the corner because the daffodils are in bloom everywhere!

    1. hyedi Post author

      That’s a pretty decent amount, especially since you have much further to travel than I do! I can’t wait to see flowers start blooming around here 🙂


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